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The Florida Turtle Conservation Trust was formed in 1999 by a group of Florida biologists and conservationists concerned with the conservation outlook for Florida turtles. Our purpose is to promote the conservation of all Florida turtle species and the preservation of intact, free-ranging populations and their associated ecosystems throughout the state of Florida. The FTCT is committed to and supports education, conservation, research, and management efforts with the above goals in mind.

The Florida Turtle Conservation Trust shall strive to achieve its purpose by:

* facilitating communication among those involved in the conservation of Florida turtles for exchange of ideas, techniques, and mutual assistance. Such communication will include, but not be limited to, print and electronic media, workshops, symposia, and conferences;

* developing and maintaining communication with related organizations and the general public to promote interest in the conservation of Florida turtles;

* providing a clearinghouse of information among all agencies, organizations, and individuals involved in the conservation and management of Florida turtles producing and distributing educational material for varied school grade levels and the general public;

* promoting conservation of turtle habitats through land acquisition and sound management on both public and private lands; 

* promoting research and other scholarly endeavors, including provisions of oral and printed forums for presentation of such efforts and their outcomes;

* serving in a professional advisory manner, where appropriate, on matters involving the conservation and management of Florida turtles; 

* supporting positive governmental action pertaining to the conservation and management of Florida turtles; 

* and commending outstanding action and dedication by individuals and organizations fostering the objectives of the Florida Turtle Conservation Trust.

We thank the following patrons for their continued support:

Janet Anschuetz, Cynthia Blamire, Christopher Scott Boykin, Robert Brechtel, Joseph A. Butler, Ph.D.,  
James H. Harding, Alex Cannon and Marina Liem, Rebecca Christoffel, Ph.D., Marcie Clutter, Coastal Wildlife Club, Robert Terry Dunham, George L. Heinrich, Robert C. Krause, Lisa Kay McCoy, Rick and Molly O'Connor, Jay Sockriter, Keith, Deborah, and Avalon Theisen, William and Stephanie Turner, Carla Van Ness, Herb Von Kluge, Elizabeth Wagner, Harold Wahlquist, Timothy J. Walsh